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    Keesler AFB, MS Local Information

    Keesler is in the city limits of Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi has about 45,000 people, and is in Harrison County, which has a population of about 187,000 people. Other nearby small communities include Ocean Springs (18,000), and D'Iberville (10,000). The next nearest city is Gulfport (70,000).

    It is about 4 miles from downtown Biloxi to Keesler; this takes about 12 minutes to commute, but the city is fairly large and spread out and travel times can vary significantly. The average commute in County is about 19 minutes. Ocean Springs is about 16 minutes away; D'Iberville about 11 minutes; Gulfport about 21 minutes away.

    Major local employers are in the tourist, gaming, and seafood industries.

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average apartment rent in the city area is about $775 per month.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average price for a house in Biloxi is about $159,000, compared to $99,000 for Mississippi.The average price for a house in Harrison County is about $147,000.

    Short Description of the Area: Biloxi is a mid-sized city on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, an area that might be called the "Gulf Riviera." Much of the local economy is dedicated to tourism, including gaming, sport fishing, and beach resort fun, and much of the rest of the economy is seafood related. This area took a major hit from Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, and while much of the damage has been repaired, reconstruction continues. In 2010 the Deepwater Horizon oil spill became a environmental and economic problem on the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

    Climate and Weather: The area has a warm, humid climate, with wet, mild winters temperatures of the low 60s to low 40s, and hot, humid summers, temperatures between the mid 70s and low 90s, with high humidity. Summers are long and humid, with regular rain, and storms possible from spring to fall including tropical storms and hurricanes. Winters are mild, with less rain.

    Hurricane Warning: Hurricanes do not hit every year, not even every other year, but Biloxi is subject to occasional monster storms, and everyone living here should be prepared, with emergency supplies and plans. Emergency supplies should include food and water for at least three, preferably two weeks, for every person in the household; a first aid kit, flashlight, small tool kit or multi-tool, battery operated radio, and possibly a solar power station. Search FEMA Emergency Kit or CDC Emergency Kit for a more complete list.